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Add value to your property

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  • Specialist installation teams
  • Cost neutral (subject to survey)
  • Pre-agreed methodology
  • Unobtrusive installation

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New Build Developments
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  • Specified in design
  • Pre-agreed installation
  • Day one connectivity and free trial for all residents
  • Payment to installers and free issue of materials

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Private Rented Sector
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  • Day one connectivity to all residents
  • Single contract with operator
  • Discounted upgrade packages
  • Specification differentiator

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Our Partners

Powering over 100,000 homes in 1000 buildings across 12 UK cities, Hyperoptic works with property owners and professionals to install its future-proof fibre infrastructure either as an original specification to new buildings, or a retrofit improvement to existing properties. Subject to a feasibility report, installing Hyperoptic is usually cost-free.

How Hyperoptic works

Most "fibre broadband" services are not Fibre Broadband. They are fibre-and-copper: fibre optic cabling from the exchange to your street, then copper phone wires into your building. And that copper really spoils the fun. As a technology, it's 140 years old.

Hyperoptic specialises in bringing full fibre optic broadband direct to multi-dwelling buildings such as apartments and offices. If your building is within our catchment area, and enough residents showing support by registering online, we can connect you to our future-proof full-fibre network.

How we install:

  • Enough people register interest online
  • We connect fibre cabling directly to your building
  • Cabling is run discretely to each home or unit
  • Each user connects via a HyperHub router

And that's it. Our technicians then keep your service running smoothly, and our customer support team is always here to help 24/7.

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Let us work with you today

Hyperoptic fb Hyperoptic's fibre-to-the-building technology has been installed in over 100,000 homes across 1,000 buildings. A dedicated team is appointed to facilitate a smooth, timely and discreet installation. From bespoke proposals to overseeing construction, we have worked successfully on projects of every scale.

"Hyperoptic sets new standards as an ISP, providing broadband and telephony services to residential and commercial properties." David Walker Head of Property Sales at Hyperoptic