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Leave lag behind with full fibre


Leave lag behind with full fibre

Fibre broadband for gaming

When you’re gaming, your broadband can mean the difference between life and death – or at least an all-time high score.

Give your game the edge with a rock solid fibre connection that stays fast, all the time. And with mega low latency, super speedy ping, utterly unlimited usage and zero traffic management or throttling, you can leave your competition in the dust. Let the games begin.

Hyperoptic: the winning difference

Everything you need to get new games downloaded quicker, shoot first and stay in the game for longer.

Ultimate gaming connection

With our 1Gb package (average speed 900Mbps), you can be the first to download a 25GB Xbox game in just 3 minutes 42 seconds

Perfect for uploads too

Stream seamlessly in 4k and post gameplay in seconds. With 150Mb and above, you can upload as fast as you download

Always fast, always stable

Mighty full fibre all the way to your building, hyperfast and rock solid, to banish lag and jitter

Uncapped and unrestricted

We’re utterly unlimited. No speed throttling, no usage restrictions, no download limits

Made for multitasking

Enough bandwidth for the whole squad. Everyone can download, upload and stream – all at the same time

We’re here to play fair

30-day satisfaction guarantee, monthly rolling options and no sneaky price hikes during your commitment period

Get the lowdown from Vikkstar123

Vikkstar123’s got millions of subscribers and is a YouTube and livestream gaming legend. Here, he spills his tips for what to look out for as a gamer and why Hyperoptic’s full fibre connection is his broadband of choice for high performance gaming.

Be the first to play

Downloading the latest game releases always takes ages, right? Well, that depends on your broadband – and every Mbps counts.

With our 1Gb package (average speed 900Mbps), you can download an entire 25GB game in as little as 3 minutes 42 seconds

And that means you can start playing in less time than it takes to set up your avatar.

How fast can you download a 25GB game?


Download in 1 hour, 6 minutes
and 40 seconds


Download in 22 mins,
30 seconds


Download in 6 mins,
40 seconds

1Gb (average speed 900Mbps)

Download in 3 minutes,
42 seconds

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Hyperfast doesn’t mean hyperexpensive

The speeds we’re comparing above are those available to respective providers’ customers. Please bear in mind that some of our competitors do also offer 1Gb packages, but they’re only available to a limited group of their customers whereas our 1Gb package is available to the majority of our customers. Average speed of 900Mbps on our 1Gb package requires a wired connection to the router.

Unbeatable Service

If we’ve got availability, you can get your new gaming connection installed as soon as tomorrow. Don’t need an install? Then you can be live within an hour.

And once you’ve gone Hyperoptic, it’s 4.5-star all the way with 24/7 support and award-winning customer service.

Hyperoptic award wining support team at your disposal