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Introducing our best ever router, the Nokia Hyperhub

Exclusive to Hyperoptic in the UK and optimised for our full fibre network, the Nokia Hyperhub is our best ever router for a faster and stronger connection.

It’s dual-band, with more wifi antennas, and automatically chooses the best channel and band for you – so you get the very best speed possible at all times.

Our Hyperhubs

Whichever Hyperoptic package you choose, you’ll receive a free Hyperhub – our mighty router – for all your broadband needs.
You’ll be able to use this for the duration of your service.

Our premium router:
The Nokia Hyperhub

  • Dual-band for better performance 
  • Gigabit capable on a wired connection 
  • More wifi antennas – 4×4 MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple input, multiple output) on 5GHz band 
  • Automatic Band Steering and Channel optimisation , so you always get the best speed possible, avoiding channel interference
  • Business grade for an extra edge at home
  • Wall-mounted or desktop 
  • VoIP support

Our standard router:
The ZTE Hyperhub

  • Dual-band superfast router
  • Strong wifi connection
  • Optimised for our full fibre network
  • Wall-mounted or desktop 
  • VoIP support

Setting up the Hyperhub

In most cases, our engineer will set up the Hyperhub during your socket installation, so you can start enjoying your connection right away, fuss-free.

Setting up your Nokia Hyperhub
Setting up your ZTE Hyperhub

Getting on the wifi

Fancy taking your full fibre connection wireless? Everything you need to get connected to your wifi network is right on your Hyperhub router.

1 ) First things first, pick your device (phone, laptop, tablet, whatever you like) and head to settings.

2) Select your network (SSID – you can find this on the back of your Hyperhub) and enter your password (also on the back of your Hyperhub).

And voila – welcome to wifi.


Our router guides contain detailed information on how to log into your Hyperhub, how to change your wifi name and password, how to reset and reboot, how to connect via WPS, how to change your wifi channel and lots more.

Most popular FAQs