Experience the UK’s fastest broadband, with No Contract

Looking for the fastest fibre in town, that lets you leave quickly too if your situation changes? Look no further.

Hyperoptic No Contract broadband delivers all the speed and reliability you want, now with the flexibility you need.

Designed for short-term tenants and home owners who simply wish to keep their options open, Hyperoptic No Contract delivers actual speeds of 20Mb, 100Mb, and 1Gb (1,000Mb) and doesn’t tie you into a long contract - just 30 days’ notice.

Hyperoptic bb

from £27 a month

£40 connection fee

Hyperoptic bb

Hyperoptic bb Broadband & Phone Hyperoptic bb

Choose fast, faster, or fastest

Hyperoptic bb Hyperoptic bb
20Mb Fibre Broadband & Phone

Ideal for fast, reliable, personal use.


a month

  • 20 Mb Download / 1 Mb Upload Speeds
  • No contract – just 30 days’ notice
  • £40 connection fee
Hyperoptic bb Hyperoptic bb
100Mb Fibre Broadband & Phone

Perfect for powering multiple users at the same time.


a month

  • 100 Mb Download / 100 Mb Upload Speeds
  • No contract – just 30 days’ notice
  • £40 connection fee
Hyperoptic bb Hyperoptic bb
1Gb Fibre Broadband & Phone

The UK’s fastest, for doing everything and anything with ease.


a month

  • 1 Gb Download / 1 Gb Upload Speeds
  • No contract – just 30 days’ notice
  • £40 connection fee

1Gbps speed is not achievable by a single device over wi-fi. If you are looking for a 1Gbps connection to a single device, a wired connection is required.

Hyperoptic bb Broadband only services Hyperoptic bb

Looking for broadband only?

Hyperoptic bb

No contract, no phone line

How do you make the best broadband better? Make it even more flexible.

Hyperoptic now offers a No Contract broadband-only service too. Because unlike other providers that insist on a phone line, we insist on fairness: if you don’t need a service, why pay for it?

Connect to always-fast fibre, with a 30-day notice period in case your situation changes. Now there’s really no need to wait.

Hyperoptic bb The Hyperoptic difference Hyperoptic bb

No Contract, no comparison

Fibre all the way makes all the difference. Free yourself from the limitations of those slow copper phone wires to experience the internet as it should be. Always fast, and now always flexible too.

  • No Contract – just 30 days’ notice
  • The UK’s fastest broadband speeds
  • Equally fast uploads on 100Mb & 1Gb
  • Totally unlimited usage
  • Free evening & weekend calls to UK landlines
  • Free installation worth £200
  • Free HyperHub router
  • All from just £27 per month
  • Phone service included

£40 connection fee

Hyperoptic user