Start your revolution

Fibre all the way

Forget the false
promises of lesser providers,
glorious 1 Gig internet is here.

Hyperoptic pipes the awesome power of fibre
direct to your building, revolutionising the
way we use the web.

Go 68x faster than the UK average. Go Hyperoptic.

An online speed revolution has begun. Now everyone in your building can experience affordable 1 Gig internet.
That's 1000 Meg - 56 times faster than the UK average.

Work from home faster than in the office. Download HD movies in seconds. Revolutionise your life.

Not just hyper-fast. AFFORDABLY FAST.

Until 15 March receive

  • FREE for 3 months




    then £12.50/month*

  • FREE for 3 months




    then £25.00/month*

  • FREE for 3 months

    1 Gig


    then £50.00/month*

*when taken with phone service, 12 month contract applies.

Fibre, the new essential home utility

Fibre is not just future-proof, it's future essential. The internet is now a fundamental utility,
like electricity. It powers our lives. Connecting to Hyperoptic is like connecting to the mains.

  • Phone options
  • Phone line£12.50/month
    including free UK weekend and evening calls
  • AnyTime UK£3/month
  • International£5/month
To view our Guide to Charges and Fees for Residential Customers click here
  • Hyperoptic features
  • Unlimited downloads
    Subject to Fair Use Policy
  • HyperHub included
    Wireless-n, 5 port ethernet, voice port
  • Free Customer Support
    24x7 UK based support

How Hyperoptic works

  • Hyperoptic Connectivity
    20 Meg, 100 Meg or
    1 Gig packages available
  • Telephone Service
    Free UK evening and weekend calls.
    Discounted international call plan available
  • Ideal Digital Platform
    For TV (IPTV), Video on Demand (VoD),
    Catch-up TV

How Hyperoptic is installed

  1. We connect our fibre cabling directly to your building or complex
  2. Cabling is run discretely from one or more hubs connecting to each
    residence or office
  3. Each residential or business subscriber is supplied with a HyperHub,
    connecting everyone to Hyperoptic
  4. Our technicians keep your service running smoothly, and our customer
    service agents are on hand to support everyone 24/7

At Hyperoptic, we're building a next-generation internet service from the ground up. By avoiding those old copper wires into your building, you're able to leap to the almost limitless potential of full fibre.

Rise up and register
for the real fibre revolution

Hyperoptic's full-fibre broadband is being installed into buildings right now.
Join the digital revolution and make it happen for your building too.

What you need to do:

  1. Register your interest online today here
  2. Rouse your fellow tenants to register as well
  3. Talk to your landlord, building manager or
    management company
  4. All of the above

For any information, please call 0333 332 1111 or contact us by clicking here